Any corporation, partnership, individual, or other entity that provides services and programs designed for archery shooting whereby the majority of their annual gross revenues related to archery and/or bowhunting accrue from shooting and services rendered.

Dues: $250

Verification Required: *Government registration, a digital presence (website or social media), and two invoice copies from suppliers. Archery coaches must provide a business license or government registration and ONE of the following: club or shop affiliation, proof of certification, and a digital presence (website or social media).


Any corporation, partnership or other legal and lawful entity whose primary purpose is the production of media such as print and broadcast media, blogs, films, DVDs, etc.

Dues: $600

Verification Required: *Government registration and website.


An organization with 501(c) 3 or 4 status with a mission and goals that align with those of the ATA and/or have a working relationship with the ATA.

Agencies that participate in the promotion, support, education and/or management of archery, bowhunting, hunting, shooting, and outdoor recreation. This includes but is not limited to schools, city, town, country, state and Federal agencies.

Dues: $250

Verification Required: For Non-Profit: 501(c)3 documentation, national scope, working relationship with and approval by the ATA. If your non-profit also operates an archery range, please see the Archery Range Membership. For Government: Proof of agency or municipal incorporation, and website.


Any corporation or other legal and lawful entity that employ professionals who are trained to provide services to bowhunters and that provide hunting opportunities with an emphasis on bowhunting.

Dues: $250

Verification Required: *Government registration and website.


Archery sales representative organization, group or other legal and lawful entity involved in selling archery and/or bowhunting equipment and products and/or services to retail operations.

Dues: $1,200

Verification Required: *Government registration and contacts from two manufacturers you currently represent.


Any corporation, partnership and other legal and lawful entity that works with or provides services to a corporation, partnership or other entity in the hunting, shooting and outdoor industry and/or the archery/bowhunting industry.

Dues: $250

Verification Required: *Government registration and website.